Builcon came into existence as Human Habitation Consultants. Sometime in 1964/65 with the sole objective to render architectural and structural design services in the field of Group Housing/ High-rise apartment complexes. The field then was virtually unknown to the city of calcutta. Calcuttans could not think or dream of staying in condomonium or apartments. God led - one man army went door to door to explain educate and popularise the philosophy of several families staying together in multi-storied organised aparments complexes. Structural expertise of tall buildings, constuction technique, architectural planning innovation safety, economy services backup of power, water elevators etc., had to the addressed with a new vision. The idea caught on. Jindal House, Alipore, Calcutta, was the first experiment in ' 64-65 a 14 storied complex-basement for car parking, lower 2 floor offices, upper 12 floors apartments with roof garden. To achieve economy and speed of construction and safety of structure a new innovation was done in terms of pre-casting beam, slab system and columns and lifting devices and the result was phenomenal. 16 storied buildings, could jump four floors a month and in 4 months the structure was complete. Green View of Southern Avenue Calcutta became a landmark building in early seventies.

From later part of sixties to middle of seventies a very large number of apartment complex were contributed to the calcutta sky line along with urban design shift phenomenon of triggering large developments in strategic new location- example Southern Avenue axis, Jodhpur park, Gariahat axis, Regent Park, Tollygunge all belonging to the southern part of the city. 8000 to 10000 apartments were built most economically and quickly giving hope and satisfaction to the country's housing need of educated middle class. While this process was on, a departure from design only had to be made and construction also had to be added on and the company becomes a leading force as a design and build company with construction management expertise. Every thing came under one umbrella - architectural design. Urban planning, interiors, structural design, services, construction management, financing etc. A - Z of the total professional project execution services. Clarion call of American Institute of Architect's president: "Architects: your days are numbered if you cannot deliver the goods" was the guiding force and was caught on in India Subcontinent. A reservoir of good will was created. The system was tested and relied upon by one and all in the country. Builcon became a household name trusted and respected for quality of design, structural safety, economy, speed and reliability.

Over the years constuction wing took a big leap and two giant companies were formed one - M/S. Universal Consortium of Engineers. Pvt. Ltd. in the year 1971 and M/S. Builcon Construction Pvt. Ltd. sometimes in 1969, just about the time man stepped on the moon and Builcon Human Habitation Consultants remained as the core design company which later on became Builcon Human Habitation Consultants Pvt. Ltd. For last three decades significant pioneering work by the group have influenced urban development in the country - a positive contribution in the built from environment. Beside major turnkey development projects company has to its credit several national awards in design competition and has acquired friends and trust in the professional community of the country. Currently the company besides remaining engaged in large scale urban development project also diverting largely in the field of total education, The Mordern Academy International - A new age educational complex - is now going to make an all India appearance. Builcon has travelled a longway - from a modest beginning with jindal house in mid sixties to current hi-tech State-of-the-Art office complex: shraddha at Woodstreet, Calcutta and urban housing complex: Neelachal, Rashbehari Connector, Calcutta and is now ready and poised for a bigger presence staying ahead of time both in design excellence and construction superiority.

Our Mission

The mission now is to address the approaching millennium putting the focus on quality awareness augmented with superior design skill, State-of-the-Art technology support multidiscipline management input and human resource oriented to fashion the new frontier. Large or small, any project of builcon on the planet earth should validate the illumination of consciousness, the stamp of purpose and the colour of love making the experience grand and sublime.